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TCF Mini-grant Projects
Mini-grant Projects of TCF Supported in 2009

The following mini-grant projects were implemented by TCF member organizations in the Tsalka district for the project period November - December 2009.

1) Project Title: “Future”
Implementing NGO: Kamurj-Khidi
Project Period: 1 November - 15 December 2009
Grant Amount: GEL 3,000

The NGO Kamurj-Khidi implemented this project to enhance the civil integration of non-Georgian youths in the Tsalka municipality by providing trainings and seminars for local pupils on methods for learning Georgian as a second language, while increasing their awareness of the higher education institutions in Georgia. Under the project, 250 students and 35 teachers of six non-Georgian language schools of the Tsalka municipality attended seminars as well as were given a general abilities test. Furthermore, two additional awareness-raising meetings, where application procedures were discussed, were held for potential students interested in the higher education institutions in Georgia. Each school was also provided with 15 copies of textbooks addressing subjects included in the national exams. After the completion of the trainings, students successfully took tests similar to those provided in the national exams.

2) Project Title: “Improving Inter-Ethnic Relations among Young Generations”
Implementing NGO: Centre for Civic Integration and Education
Project Period: 1 November - 31 December 2009
Grant Amount: GEL 2,660

The Centre for Civic Integration and Education implemented this project to bring together local youths and children living in the orphanage of the Bediani village in the Tsalka municipality through joint meetings and seminars on tolerance together with cultural events. In particular, sport competitions of table-tennis, football and chess were organized as well as an exhibition of the youths’ paintings. Winners of the sport competitions were brought to Tbilisi on an excursion where they had the opportunity to become familiarized with the multicultural heritage of the capital. Beneficiaries of the project were children from the Bediani orphanage and pupils from three schools of the Tsalka municipality. In addition, a workshop was held in Bediani village with the participation of the pupils and civil society representatives, where issues related to tolerance and interethnic relations were discussed.

3) Project Title: “Future is the Result of the Present”
Implementing NGO: Tsalka Citizens’ Forum
Project Period: 1 November - 31 December 2009
Grant Amount: GEL 4,470

TCF implemented this project with the aim of empowering representatives of the local authorities and educational institutions by raising their awareness to recent amendments in the domestic legislation on educational, land privatization issues, and minority rights. Accordingly, training seminars that discussed the legal frameworks concerning educational issues and minority issues were held for twelve teachers from twelve schools of the Tsalka municipality together with twelve representatives of the local government. In addition, two trainings on computer skills were provided for the participants, which aided both schoolteachers and local authorities in gaining basic knowledge that can be utilized in the schools and local governmental offices. Finally, two meetings were held in Tbilisi between schoolteachers, the local authorities of the Tsalka municipality and representatives from both the Ministry of Economic Development and the Office of the State Minister for Reintegration.

Mini-grant Projects of TCF Supported in 2008

The following mini-grant projects were implemented by TCF member organizations in the Tsalka district for the project period September - December 2008.

1) Project Title: “Leader Two”
Implementing NGO: Tsalka Civic Initiative and Kamurji-Khidi
Project period: 1 October - 30 November 2008
Grant amount: 1,032 EUR

Within this project, jointly implemented by the NGOs Tsalka Civic Initiative and Kamurj-Khidi, 298 school-age children from 6 different public schools of Tsalka were surveyed. The aim of the survey was to identify 20 outstanding pupils through a competitive process. The project aimed at motivating young leaders to take an active part in cultural and social spheres of their region and finally create a Youth Parliament. To this end, children of different ethnic groups participated in joint seminars and meetings on such issues as multiethnic relations, tolerance and civic integration, and decision making processes. They were also taught such topics such as civic education and human rights issues.

At the last stage of the project the Youth Parliament was established, which unified all issues of concern and addressed them to the local municipal council. In the framework of the project, 20 selected candidates also visited the Parliament of Georgia in mid-Novmber, where they met with MPs and were familiarized with the working procedures of the parliament. As a result of the project, the Tsalka Youth Parliament was formed with the plan to take an active part in decision-making processes on a voluntary basis. As a start-up activity, the Youth Parliament has already been asked by the municipal council to conduct an event on environmental protection. A competition on planting trees among schoolchildren will be conducted in spring 2009. It will be conducted under the auspices of the Tsalka Youth Parliament with the financial support of the local municipal administration.

2) Project Title: “Time to Act”
Implementing NGO: Tsalka Citizens’ Forum
Project period: 22 September - 22 December 2008
Grant amount: EUR 1,848

This project was implemented by the Tsalka Citizens' Forum and focused on involving the Tsalka population into broader discussions with the regional authorities and decision-makers at the municipality level. The main objective of the project was to engage the population from rural areas into the ongoing discussions on issues affecting their communities, while strengthening relations with the local government. Owing to the fact that the rural areas of Tsalka suffer from a lack of information on such issues, a series of informational meetings, concerning such legal issues as land privatization, enterprise and infrastructure development on the regional level, was conducted within the framework of the project. Accordingly, community meetings were organized in 30 different villages.

Moreover, a few meetings were held with local municipality representatives and the municipal director, as well with the head of the Municipal Council and the regional Member of Parliament, to discuss the most vital issues for the citizens of the Tsalka district. The project was a successful example of an outreach campaign that can further contribute to the capacity building of TCF and encourage new initiatives from the local community. As a result of the outreach campaign and dialogue facilitation meetings between active members of rural areas and TCF, 30 new members were encouraged to become active members of the Tsalka Citizens’ Forum.

3) Project Title: “Interethnic Relations among the Young Generation”
Implementing NGO: Centre for Education and Integration
Project period: 22 September - 22 December 2008
Grant amount: EUR 1,190

The Centre for Education and Integration implemented this project with the overlying aim of integrating children from Bediani, a local orphanage, into the society. The first step of the project was the production of a performance by the orphans, which was shown at the local schools of Bediani, Tsalka and Tetritskaro as well as the Tskhneti Orphanage. In total four performances were shown from October to November. At the second stage of the project, children were taken to the “Tbilisoba” City Festival in Tbilisi for a one-day excursion in October. After visiting Tbilisi, another one-day excursion was organized to Mtskheta. The project was highly appreciated by the local municipality of Tsalka, resulting in additional funding being granted to the Centre for Education and Integration for further support of similar initiatives in 2009.