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Tom Trier - Regional Director in the Caucasus and Senior Research Associate (ON LEAVE)

Tom Trier is the Senior Research Associate for the European Centre for Minority Issues and has been the Regional Director of ECMI Caucasus since 2005. With a background in social anthropology, he specializes in ethno-politics and migration issues in Eastern Europe and the CIS, particularly in the Caucasus region. For more than a decade, Tom Trier has worked extensively in the Caucasus region, including the North Caucasus (Ingushetia and Chechnya), Azerbaijan, and Georgia. He is the author of a wide range of publications and articles on ethno-political issues. He has recently edited a major study (with Andrei Khanzhin) on the deported Meskhetians, The Meskhetian Turks at a Crossroads: Integration, Repatriation or Resettlement? (Berlin: LIT, 2007), as well as written a book on ethno-politics in Abkhazia (with Hedvig Lohm and David Szakonyi) titled Under Siege: Inter-Ethnic Relations in Abkhazia (London: Hurst & Co., 2010).

Ewa Chylinski – ECMI Senior Adviser and Acting Director for ECMI Caucasus Regional Office Contact Email

Former ECMI HQ deputy director 2004-2011, she joined the ECMI directly from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in Warsaw where she was head of programmes for several years. She has an extensive background in practice-oriented research and field experience in nationalities/minority issues from the Caucasus, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In addition to her position at the ECMI Caucasus, she continues to advise ECMI on various programmes, including managing ECMI Belarus project. Ewa Chylinski is particularly engaged in the issue of ratification of the Council of Europe convention of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages among Council of Europe State parties. She is recently co-author and co-editor of a major standard analytical work on ECRML “Ready for Ratification” http://www.ecmi.de/publications/category/ecmi-handbooks/ Her academic background includes Eastern Europe area studies and Middle East studies in her capacity of a former Assistant Professor and Researcher at the Institute of East-West Studies at the University of South Jutland, Denmark. She is occasionally teaching courses at the University of Flensburg and lecturing at other academic institutions in Europe and beyond.

Giorgi Bobghiashvili - Project Coordinator Contact Email

Giorgi Bobghiashvili has graduated from the Comenius University (Slovakia) with a MA degree in European Studies and has studied as a visiting fellow at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) within the same program. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences (Specialization in International Relations) from Tbilisi State University. As a student of social and political sciences his spheres of interest include international affairs, regional security, ethnicity and nationalism focusing on regions of Central and Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia. After finishing his work at the F.A. Hayek Foundation he joined the ECMI Caucasus in November Giorgi works on civic integration of ethnic minority youth, advocating minority rights at governmental and societal level. His work also promotes the European integration process of Georgia among ethnic minority population, as well as researching ethnic minority issues across the Caucasus region

Elena Proshikian - Project Assistant Contact Email

Joined the ECMI Caucasus in June, 2012

Bakar Lomsadze - Administrative Assistant Contact Email

Bakar Lomsadze joined ECMI Caucasus in 2008 as an intern. After the completion of his internship, he continued the work with ECMI Caucasus as a web site administrator. In 2010 Bakar moved to the general administration and is now involved in program related activities. Bakar graduated from Tbilisi Institute of Asia and Africa (TIAA) in 2010 with Master of Social Science in International Relations. Previously he obtained a bachelor degree in international relations. In 2006 Bakar lived in Damascus, Syria for 1 year, studying at "Arabic Teaching Institute for non-Arabic Speakers" while attending special course of English language and literature at the Damascus University. Prior to his assignment as an intern in ECMI Caucasus he was working in the non-governmental organization "Amagdari" as a project assistant.

Maria Diego Gordon - Intern Contact Email

Joined ECMI in May, 2015

Maria Diego Gordon holds a bachelor degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid and spent a year in Sciences Po - Paris, where she got the chance to deepen her knowledge in international relations. Her academic interests include nationalism, minority and identity issues, and their interaction with the ruling elites of a country, as well as their impact in its history and (symbolic) landscape, especially in Eurasian and Caucasus regions.

Roberto Memme - Intern Contact Email

Joined ECMI in October, 2015

Roberto Memme holds a bachelor degree in Legal Operator for Economics and Business from the University of Brescia (Italy) and he’s attending a specialistic degree in Human Rights and Ethics for International Cooperation at the UNESCO Chair of the University of Bergamo (Italy). His academic interests are history, human rights enforcement, economics, pedagogy and human development issues. He’s contributing to the internazionalization of the Roddy Scott Foundation ‘s online newspaper “Pankisi Times” on which Kist children wrote; it’s a “twinning project” between Pankisi youth and Bovezzo youth (his town youth).

He’s interested in deepen his knowledge about Kist minority and he’s also concerned in a comparative and feasibility study between some Italian international cooperation’s project strategies in southern Africa (Great Limpopo Trans Frontiers Park) and the Georgia-Armenia’s cross-border cooperation politics in Javakheti region.

Federico Salvati - Intern Contact Email

Joined ECMI in October, 2015

Federico holds a master degree in international relations from Sapienza University in Rome (2015). He has been working for the Italian National Center for Academic Research (CNR) and the High Institute for Defense Studies (CASD) in Italy as a research assistant. During his work he has been traveling in the South Caucasus and in Russia where he carried on several field activities related to his research work. Currently, he works for an NGO (EUCASA) in Brussels actively involved in peacebuilding, youth empowerment, conflict resolution and economic development. His research interests are mainly (but not only) about conflict resolution and geopolitics of the post soviet area.