CENSUS 2014 - Rapid Analysis

According the data revealed by Goestat of Census 2014 - number of ethnic minorities in Georgia has decreased from 16.22% in 2002 to 13.8% in 2014 Read More

ECMI Annual Report 2015

2015 was a year when Europe experienced yet another international shock to its perception as a continent of peace and co-operation. While the previous years, and not least the Greek financial crisis, had relegated minority-majority issues to a lower position on the international agenda, the refugee and migrant influx in the second half of 2015 not only highlighted the tenuous cooperation foundation, especially in the European Union (EU), but also brought minority issues back front and centre on the European agenda. The transportation service was provided by Transfers Georgia

At the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), we also felt this changing order in the political sphere. As a local actor, the ECMI has been active in the welcome activities in Flensburg, whereas at the regional and international levels we have increasingly provided advice and knowledge on integration and inter-cultural dialogue. The impact of new migration waves on national and ethnic minority protection is a new dimension that our research teams began to address in 2015 and will examine closer in the future (see our Annual Programme 2016).

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ECMI Annual Programme

The ECMI Caucasus programme in 2016 will address a number of new issues that have arisen from developments in 2015, along with those of earlier times in need of new perspectives. The key topics for the programme will oscillate between practice-oriented research and project activities, feeding into each other and providing deeper insights into developments of the region.

Anti-discrimination and equality issues are slowly gaining momentum in South Caucasus. With legislative framework in place since 2014, Georgia is setting up relevant institutions and operational mechanisms that will monitor, promote and implement equality legal provisions. Armenia is still in the process of discussing non-discrimination and public consultations have started at the end of 2015. ECMI Caucasus will follow developments in the region, particularly from a minority perspective as part of multiple discrimination perspectives.

Freedom of religion or belief will be held under scrutiny in a number of activities related to non-discrimination and tolerance. All three countries declare strong support for freedom of religion, yet a traditional profoundly rooted attachment to one religious identity makes the societal tolerance towards other religions and acceptance of needs of other congregations difficult.

ECMI Caucasus is looking forward to working together with international, regional and local partners and communities across the region.

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Minorities in UPR 2015

ECMI Caucasus, in cooperation with partner organizations, has submitted a shadow report for the 2nd Cycle of United Nations Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review. Reporting aims at highlighting the issues at international level, which require much of at attention from the government in order to guarantee protection of national minority rights and fulfil commitments undertaken by Georgia. The 2nd Cycle of Universal Periodic Review for Georgia is planned on the 23rd Session in October-November 2015.

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Conference on Roma in Georgia

On October 27 ECMI Caucasus organized a conference "Towards Roma Inclusion in Georgia" Read More

Media Compepetion

ECMI Caucaus has announced a competition for media representatives and journalists on Roma Community of Georgia Read More

Towards Roma Inclusion in Georgia

ECMI Caucasus will be implementing a six-month project “Towards Roma Inclusion in Georgia”. Overall objective of action is to promote tolerance and non-discrimination and empower Roma community of Georgia Read More

Round-Table on Roma Community in Georgia

ECMI Caucasus representative, Elene Proshikian, has delivered a presentation at a round-table on Roma Issues in Georgia. The event was held on April 26 in Tbilisi and was organized by the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia. Read More

Brussels Advocacy Visit

During 9-12 March 2016 ECMI Caucasus has participated in the Brussels Advocacy Visit organized by Minority Rights Group Europe in the framework of the Eastern Partnership Minorities Network. Read More

Concluding event of the Pilot Project "Twinning of Teachers" in Borjomi

On December 23, Civic Education for Lawful State (CELS), a sub-grantee of the ECMI Caucasus, held a concluding event of the Pilot Project "Twinning of Teachers" in Borjomi. Read More


At the launch of the election campaign two months prior to municipal elections 2014, ECMI Caucasus has established an election observatory to follow national minority participation in the electoral process
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Supporting the repatriation of persons deported from Georgia in the 1940s and their descendants